Playing chicken on the road

August 25, 2009

Story of my life these days down here. People say Bostonians drive crazy but here people drive crazy and stupid. I’ve had people try to pull into my lane from next to me. OMG. One guy I sat on my horn to wake him up basically and he finally looks over a minute later as if I’m crazy. Hellooooo…my baby car is about to get whacked by your crazy car. Wah.

But on another note, after all the crazy bump-ins, I had one sorta funny story. I guess at that point I was sick of all the drivers and I had just finished battling my internet. I pulled out of parking onto the street where this weird setup has cars sometimes pull out horizontal to you in their impatience to get in line for the green light. One car pulled up really close and horizontal to my car and I was like woahhh but whatever since it didn’t touch my car. Then I realized it pulled up next to me. One look over and I did a double take. This woman who looks the stereotype of a trashy cougar with short, badly bleached hair is waving her cigarette at me and screaming through her heavy red lipstick and eyeliner. Whew. I just looked at her and she freaked out even more because I wasn’t reacting. Well, I couldn’t hear her over my AC and music blasting in the heat so haha. Then some two-year old mentality  swept over me. I just mimicked her and then looked at her.  She paused and freaked out even more. Then I pretended to boohoo which set her off even more. She looked like she was going to fly out her window at me. Then I got bored and looked elsewhere. Green light. Bye byeeeee! lol I don’t know what came over but it makes for a funny story I guess. 😛

Being down here is interesting. A new mix of people and experiences. Having so much time and opportunity to experience so much makes you think about a lot of things.  Definitely not used to it yet but I’ll definitely learn a lot.


How do you know?

June 4, 2009

Senior scramble is an interesting phenomenon. You hear about it but seeing it in action is quite another thing. Getting blindsided by it in the process is quite another thing as well. Frequently, tunnel vision sets in with no warning and *BOOM* next thing you know you’re down. Tonight has given me a lot of food for thought.

Promises promises promises. I heard the saying “give people no room to doubt you.” I know I am far from perfect but it definitely does not make it any easier when something that has been promised and especially more than a couple times just completely turns over and dies. I understand that people are busy and lead their own lives and also that people forget. But for some people it’s a trend. A trend of disappointment. I dislike facades and empty words. I usually will hide it but my attitude and feelings change drastically once trust is no longer there.

“I’m not mad at you for lying. I’m upset I can’t trust you anymore.” Many things have happened over the year that has made me question a lot of things and a few people. I learned in one of my classes that nothing is ever the same. Even if an event is recreated exactly the same, the person has changed from experiences since then and because of the first time the event occurred. We are not like blank slates but more like paper. No matter how hard you erase or white out or whatever, there will always be a mark left behind.

Not exactly joyous bubbly thoughts but definitely some things I will be pondering for awhile. Late night meditation. Anyways, I wanted to share my awkward stories from tonight but I think it’s best to keep these two main encounters on the DL. I can share the third one though. One awkward creepy dude kept wandering around, away from his group, and sitting down with random people or high fiving them. He would sit and sit and sit without saying anything and scooch closer while waiting for you to talk to him. Apparently, he’s HMS. Upon high fiving one of my friends, his buddies start yelling, “Yeah do you know who he is? You should because he’s HMS and will be a doctor. Make friends. WE KNOW YOU WANT TO!” No, we don’t want to. Having thoroughly been creeped out by this fellow, I think people should maybe reconsider, no, should definitely reconsider the stereotype of Harvard always being more socially ept than MIT.  Haha well at least it was a good laugh. Poor guy took a nap at some point in a corner before continuing his stalkage.


May 28, 2009

I always seem to have a hard time focusing and get bored pretty easily. Unlooked for relief came today in the form of a suggestion for one focus of my new little blog: recording my adventures, which are notoriously awkward yet hilarious for others.

My awkward buddies, which sometimes also become awkward buddies of my friends, have included interesting characters such as #1, #2, crrb, the girlfriend (which actually was a guy haha), mrrb, etc. I get a pretty good laugh out of my own embarrassing moments once I am over it…which is usually pretty soon after the event. Other times, I just want to hide because as my friends put it “how do you have so many awkward encounters with ONE person???” I’m very talented and live to amuse.

After a certain point, laughing it off is probably the best way and only way to go. It’s also my default mode when I don’t know how else to react so don’t be offended if I start giggling in your face randomly…either my thoughts are wandering off again or I suddenly hit an awkward moment where I don’t know how else to respond. Haha whoo.  I just find it funny when people remark on their surprise at some of my poster child of awkwardness moments…SURPRISE!  Well, at least life isn’t boring and now you’ll get to share some of the fun haha.


May 23, 2009

Time flies by so quickly. In a blink, college really did pass me by. I have to admit that I really did not believe people when they said to savor every moment and make the most of everything because college is over before we realize it. Now, commencement is literally two weeks away. I have a lot to be grateful for and I feel that I have gotten a lot out of my time here but I still can’t help but feel and know that I could have gotten and given more. As always, there will be lingering regrets as well as sadness but there is nothing to do but to move forward with my best foot out. I hope that I can remember the lessons I have learned so dearly and to live the rest of my life with as few regrets as possible. I really want to, as someone said, to leave no room for others to doubt me and above all for myself to always be able to be proud of myself and all that I do.

Where does peachy solette come from? It is word association, another child of my wandering mind. These two words bring warmth into life. Peachy brings to mind warm shades of red and orange, as well as fuzziness and sweetness. When everything is all right, people say things are peachy. Peaches are also very versatile as a fruit…peach cobbler, peach sorbet, canned peaches, dried peaches, nom nom nom. Soleil is French for sun. It has been a ridiculous period of time since I have last touched French or done any form of extensive writing (blogging will be a way for me to get back into the practice of using words rather than noises and hand gestures to convey my thoughts). However, since I think such an overwhelming source of warmth and happiness (spring break, beautiful sunsets, beach, adventures, etc.) may be a little difficult to emulate, especially since I am continually reminded of my decreased bubbliness, that a baby soleil (solette) would be a more attainable goal.

I want to remind myself that life has its beauty and that it is not hard to find strength or inspiration if I keep my eyes and mind open. Happiness is attainable and I am my biggest obstacle so I should remember to not let myself trip myself up, whether over little things or bigger things in life. Beyond this, I am really curious as to how else I might change over time now since whenever I read back on old posts and journal entries I never cease to be amazed by past thoughts, views, and interests though some things never change. I also hope this will be another way for me to remain in touch with people though it may be overly optimistic. I really can’t help but wonder as I pass by people if it will be the last time I see or talk with them. In a way, life feels like it is only beginning but another part of me feels as if another chapter in my life is concluding and is relieved, excited, and wistful. Very contradictory and confusing but I think it will be interesting, if nothing else. I guess only time will tell. 🙂